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Step-by-step User Manual covering all the features of Bet Mover. Quick look overviews backed up with in-depth guides section-by-section.

Screenshots and videos tell all you need to know about Bet Mover and what it can do for you.

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The fastest horse racing in-play feed there is, so fast we call it 'Real-Time In-Play'!

Positional and speed data is supplied directly by TOTAL PERFORMACE DATA (TPD) using state-of-the-art GPS technology carried by the horses.

These are actual on-course positions in real time* - not guestimates based on Betfair Odds, or TV pictures that are often seconds behind the live action.

You won't find faster information, on where the horses are positioned and how they are running, anywhere else.

Total Performance Data (TPD) are race data specialists regarding in-running data and horseracing timing technology.

TPD’s experience, gained from tracking more than 16,000 races, over 3+ years means that they are the market leader for in-running timing and data.

TPD have now partnered with Bet Mover to make available the live streaming of race positioning data, direct from the horse, to all in-play traders and bettors using a unique and exclusive to Bet Mover web app.

We call this component of Bet Mover Real-Time In-Play and here are just a few of its many features.

  • Runner Positions
  • Runner Speed / Par Speed
  • Split times and Running Orders
  • In Play Odds Charts
  • One Click Betting and Cash Out
  • And Much, Much More.

Our one click betting is as fast as it gets via a web app and in conjunction with the overwhelming advantage of near instant runner in-play information, Bet Mover is a must have for any serious in-play trader or bettor.

For more information see the Real Time Section of this Toolbox.

* real-time is as real as it gets with data streamed as directly as possible from course to you, average latency of 50ms.

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