Bet Mover Toolbox

Risk Notice

This section of the guide is dedicated to ensuring that all users fully understand the inherent risks of participating on betting exchanges. There is significant risk in any activity involving betting markets and you are advised to fully acquaint yourself with those risks before committing any sums of money.

Whilst Bet Mover users can and do make significant profits it is suggested that you use the smallest possible stakes (£2) whilst familiarising yourself with the nuances of the App and gradually move to larger stakes as your confidence and expertise increases.

And above all do not chase any losses or gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose.

The Team at Bet Mover supports responsible gambling and if you have concerns about the way you gamble we would strongly advise seeking help from

Bet Mover Sensitivity

The GPS feed into Bet Mover is subject to some small degree of variance. Towards the end of the race algorithmic calculations are applied to the progress feed (not the map) using an additional source of information, the Betfair odds, and are performed to protect the user from entering unfavourable positions.

It is hence strongly advised not to trade using Bet Mover in the event of a close finishes.

Taking a more elongated view of the horses’ speeds and fluency is the best way to benefit from the information which Bet Mover provides.

It does off course take practice and more tools will be developed and added to help spot these opportunities.

Data Usage

The In-Play TDP data is for personal use via Bet Mover only. If we you are found to have been using data for commercial purposes or scraping data from the site your account will be terminated.  Commercial contracts can be arranged via TDP and have the benefit on ongoing support from TDP for the continuation of services for your clients.