Bet Mover can be utilised for a whole range of uses, it does however have some unique and distinct features which are detailed here.

The way Bet Mover manages to cover different aspects of race cards yet still be simple to use (and personal to you) if with its layout editor. It is highly recommended you familiarise yourself with this ability of Bet Mover.

The layout can be changed with a select dropdown box as highlighted - here showing 'cards'

There are several default layouts for you to use, but you can edit these and add your own in the settings tab

In the 'Layouts' section at the top

A more detailed overview of this can be found in the main User Guide Layout Section.

Main Features

Timestamped Odds

Bet Mover servers collect odds at specific times to post so you can see a full grid of price history with interim percentage price movements.


Price movement charts show more intuitively the flows of prices during the day.

Betfair Odds Streaming

Bet Mover can connect to your Betfair account and stream in real time odds as fast as any trading platform, yet simple and easy to see and use.

One Click Betting

You can order bets with 1 click via Bet Mover - this is a unique feature of a web based app for Betfair.

Steamers & Drifters

See market movers race by race or in a powerful shortlist.

Real-Time In-Play Trading

Bet Movers most impressive power tool - the fasted and the best in play visualisation platform there is.