Demos by Ryan

Ryan is the creator of Exponential Bet. A website dedicated to automated betting strategies.

Ryan says:

I will be using Bet Mover to develop strategies which will be based on the features available within the platform, to find an edge I can share with members here in the toolbox.

Focusing on each aspect and bet type, I will develop new approaches to apply the in running data alongside some pre-race tactics.

I will explore the different settings and how I can implement these to be more effective with my betting and apply this to the various bet types such as backing, laying, back to lay, and lay to back.

With each learning curve I encourage sensible betting with your staking, and I certainly take this approach staying at a low level until I feel like it is second nature, like riding a bike. Why rush in headfirst until you are confident is my attitude as I want to succeed long term.

During any development phase while I am increasing my knowledge, I will always use small stakes, then gradually increase to the threshold of my comfort levels for the betting strategy I am operating. Which is an amount that gives me the return against time invested.

I could write for hours on setting up a points balance, and the importance of allocating a betting bank correctly from the start, but I will save these points for the videos.

As I have new information to share with you or advance a particular betting strategy within Bet Mover, I will upload it and add this to the toolbox.

Hopefully then we can collaborate our strategies and concepts to continually improve the Bet Mover platform.

If you've absolutely no knowledge of horse racing and betting, you can pick up Bet Mover and easily get started without having to learn anything about the sport.

If you already have a knowledge of horse racing, Bet Mover will re assess how you have previously looked at betting in play, and give you the tools to significantly increase your effectiveness.

I am optimistic about the journey ahead and look forward to sharing my experience using Bet Mover.

How to get started intro by Ryan:

In this video I demonstrate how to customise the colours within Bet Mover to help you highlight in running betting opportunities faster.

Backing and laying horses in play from the 25th May to the end of the month, with an explanation of the Velocity Line and Velocity Fluctuation feature. 

In this video I place profitable lay bets in play using the software and talk you through my decision making.

In this video I share my in play lay betting activity on the 1st July, where I attempt to improve me skills on the flat and shorter racing, but still need to try harder.

In Play Betting Demos (using an earlier version of Bet Mover that is not configured with the latest features)