The 'User Manual' sections are step-by-step instructions with supporting videos detailing how to use Bet Mover.

Bet Mover is easy to use yet feature rich. This is achieved with a set of default, yet highly customisable layouts that can be switched to suit your needs in different situations and market types.

Bet Mover specialises in the following:

  • Prices movements : Horse racing markets from the Betfair exchange, with numerical tables and charts.
  • Steamers and Drifters : Details of market movers and how far they have moved.
  • In-Play Real-Time : In-Running views, maps and more - 100% live and several seconds faster than the TV pictures - this is actual live-streamed information. Invaluable to in-play traders and absolutely unique to Bet Mover.

The other Sections in this Toolbox will help you to get the best from Bet Mover and all its features.

The rest of this Overview glances over the main options, for more details please refer the to individual Sections of the User Manual.

Race List Section

This 'left hand' section can be collapsed with the 'chevrons'. The top section can also be hidden with a button in the grey bar above the race list.

This Section shows:

Betfair Bets. If you are connected to Betfair and have bets placed you will see them at the top of this left section. You can choose to have Bet Mover 'see' all your Betfair bets or just the ones ordered via Bet Mover. This option is available in the settings area.

Race Filters. Choose the date, country and meeting (if required).

List of Races. Click a race to view the card or charts.


Race details are show in blue blocks over the runners table.

The 'cards' views is a tabular layout of runners details. 

The MOST IMPORTANT feature here is the LAYOUTS selector.

The LAYOUTS selector has default layouts already created for you, however - you can edit these layouts or ADD your own in the Settings Layout Editor

Bet Mover has many columns of information you can choose from to add to your layouts. These options will grow over time, so to keep Bet Mover tidy, easy to use and relevant to you the layout system is a pivotal and powerful feature of the software. 

The settings 'Table Layouts' sections is where you edit and add layouts:


Market and runner charts show prices over time for a 'bigger picture' of price movements


The settings tab (login required) allows personalisation of Bet Mover covering:

  • Table Layouts
  • Odds
  • Live Betfair 
  • In Play

In depth details are in the settings page.