Linking Bet Mover to Betfair

This is done in your Account Page:

Linking to Betfair

Live Betting Setup

When your Bet Mover account is linked to Betfair you'll have the option of 'betting' in the layout selector:

You'll also have access the betting columns in the layout editor to create new layouts if you wish.

The Live Betfair block of columns has back and lay columns:

Clicking on the Back (blue) cell triggers a back bet to be ordered, Lay (red) - a lay bet.

Betting Controls

When you have any live betting columns in the grid the betting controls are shown and include:

Back, Lay Options:

Back and Lay options allow you to set your stake and odds offset. 

The offset value is the number of ticks from the best price available.

In the examples above the back bets will go in 10 ticks less than the current price, lay bets will go in 10 ticks higher than the current lay price.

These offset values ONLY apply the B1 and L1 best available price columns. You have the option of adding more back and lay columns at set ticks away from the best price - these are added via the layout editor.

Cash Out:

The cash out button shows the estimate of the P&L across the market should you wish to take it.

Clicking this button will perform cash-outs on all individual runners with unbalanced back and lay bets.


Confirm Bets - Requires to confirm your bet choice before they are ordered.

Lay Target Liability - All LAY bets are ordered as liability (what you are willing to risk). PLEASE NOTE: This is a TARGET liability and is NOT guaranteed as it is based on the current odds. If you have an offset in place you may get matched at worse odds and the liability will be greater. 

Placing Bets

Simply click back or lay cells to order bets at the stakes / odds adjustment set in your settings.

Custom Betting Columns

You can add 1 or 2 extra betting columns via the layout editor.

The prices shown in these columns are based on the best available prices on Betfair - they are not the prices in the 2nd and 3rd ladder places on the exchange.

The prices are offset from the best price selected plus the number of ticks set.

You can, for example, set the L2 column to +8 from the Back price. Laying at this price will likely result in an instant match but only if the current lay price is close to the back price. This is useful for in-play laying.

Here you see me adding these columns and setting them up:

Ordered Bets

Open (unmatched) and Complete (matched) bets show above the race list.

Complete Bets

Completed bets can be shown individually or price averaged per horse / bet side (back or lay).

Individually (not averaged)

Averaged bets sum the stake and average the odds (as if it were just 1 bet) to take up less room:

Open Bets

Open (unmatched) bets can be amended.

The size (stake) and the price (odds) of each bet can be altered (both at the same time if needed). To submit the changes, click 'Actions', then 'Update'

The bet can also be:

Killed (cancelled)

Filled (matched at current the exchange price)

In Play persistence changed to: cancel, keep or to take BSP. The current persistence is highlighted in blue.