Real-Time In-Play

Real-Time is a premium subscription Module for Bet Mover and shows the actual live positions and speeds of horses as they are going down and whilst in-running.

This User Guide gives a factual 'what's what' of the in-play options and layout.

Please refer to :

Real-Time In-Play for in depth guides.

Real-Time In-Play Section of the settings page for layout controls.

Layout editor to layout your Real-Time views the way you want them.

Selecting 'In Play' in the layout selector, or any layouts you've created with in-play activated will show the Real-Time In-Play view.

The main features are:

  • Progress column in the table showing the horses relative positions and speeds.
  • More data columns showing raw data about the runners.
  • Map view.
  • Race PAR graph.

In-Play Progress

As the race runs you can see how the runners are progressing.

The leader is shown with a red border and all other runners are shown at a distance back from the leader.

The width of the silks is roughly the length of a horse, so you can make some judgements about distances based on that alone - the LB column shows the actual distance back in lengths.

The top bar shows the distance left to run and a green-to-red completion graphic give a representation of race progress / completion.

The horses sit on a 'rainbow' course par bar. These show the relative speeds of the horses compared to the predicted optimum for the race at the current point in the race. This is also useful to judge the relative speed of 2 or more horses - here we quickly see #5 is running faster that its competitors.

LB - Lengths back from the leader.

MPH - shows the actual speed - the graphics are easier to read quickly.

Splits - shows timed splits and running orders (depending on your settings). The header cell shows the fastest split time. Unless you've selected all furlongs to be shown here, the splits will be the last 5 or 10 split times and previous ones are discarded.

Next to the runner name shows any indicators about the horse.

FF - Fast Finisher - runner has shown the ability to finished races with a fast speed.


In settings you can turn the map view on, you have additional options on the map of:

Zoom - sets how much of the course or how close up you want to view the runners.

Pitch - no pitch is a birds eye view, some pitch makes it look like you're flying along with the runners.

Tracking - keeps the map cantered on the leader.

Satellite - turns the map in to a satellite view (better for USA races).

Satellite view of USA races:

The map rotates itself to keep the runners running left to right and so matches the progress feed more closely. This also makes the best use of the space for the map and means each race map view is consistent when in-running.

Course Pars

The PAR graph gives an indication of how the race is being run. Here I have the fast and slow lines show in red and blue. These are, within reason, the fasted and slowest speeds we expect this race to be run.

As the race is underway each runner has its own black line and collectively you get see if the race is running slowly or quickly and if they are predicted to speed up or slow down. This can be useful to judge the runners performances and potential.

The range bar above lets you zoom in the the current part of the race, it will automatically pan across as the race progresses.

Race Demo

Here is the full video of the race, this is used as an example of how this can be used in the Real-Time Feature Guide


Betting in-play is the same as betting pre-play but there is a 2 second delay imposed by Betfair before your bets are matched. Please do not bet under the Betfair minimum (£2 if in GBP) as it will take the system far too long to get the bets onto Betfair.

You can bet multiple times so you may wish to set your stake to a reasonable level and add more or different bets as the race progresses.

Matched bets show on the top left above the race list, averaging the bets keeps the space taken up by this to a minimum: