Race Cards View

The race cards contain tabular about the chosen race runners or shortlists.

Select 'CARDS' from the tabs on the top right.

Table Layouts

It is highly recommended you familiarise yourself with this ability of Bet Mover.

The table layout can be changed with a select dropdown box as highlighted - here showing 'cards'.

There are several default layouts for you to use, but you can edit these and add your own in the settings tab.

In the 'Layouts' section at the top.

A more detailed overview of this can be found in the User Guide:

 User Guide: Table Layout Editing

If you're using a small device like a tablet or small laptop you may wish to edit the layouts so the columns fit on your screen.

Cards Table

The race card columns with bars above and below the column text can be ordered by clicking on the header, when ordered the top or bottom white bar is shown in yellow to indicate its order. Clicking again reverses the order.


Default Layouts

Default layouts supplied as standard (column name glossary).


Simple race cards layout

Runner Group:
#, DR, Silks, Name

Charts Group: 
Day, Recent

Win Prices Group:
Back, Lay, Vol, WAP, BW%, BSP, BBP


For use as an easy to use Betfair betting platform.

Runner Group:
#, DR, Silks, Name

Charts Group: 
Day, Recent

Live Win Group:

P&L, CO, B1, L1, Vol

Win Prices Group:


Dedicated to showing timestamped odds history

Runner Group:
#, DR, Silks, Name

Charts Group: 
Day, Recent

Win Prices Group:

Historical Odds Group:

Odds 1, Move 1 ... Odds 9, Move 9

In Play

Specific to the 'Real-Time In-Play' 'Total Performance Data' progress and maps.

Runner Group:
#, Name

Real-Time In-Play Group:

Progress, LB, MPH, Splits

Charts Group: 

Live Win Group:

P&L, CO, B1, L1

Available Columns

Market Group

(only shown with shortlists)


Race Time.


Race meeting venue.

Runner Group


Saddle Cloth number.


Draw number.

Silk Colours

Silk graphic worn by the jockey (this may be just a number and colour depending on the country).


The name of the horse.

Real-Time In-Play (more info)

(requires a subscription to the Real-Time In-Play module)


Horses positions against pars.


Lengths back from leader.


Speed of the horse in MPH.


Information about horses split time, average speeds and order at the furlong split.

Charts Group


24 hours of prices show as last matched price collected at the time.


The last hour of last matched prices.

Live Win Prices Group (more info)

(requires a FREE Bet Mover account and connection to Betfair).


Profit / loss on the selection (estimated in italics when hover over B / L bet button or cash out).


Cash out - shows relative profit loss of the current position. Click to cash out out on the horse. 


Same as CO (cash out) but cashes out 50% of your stake - this is variable in the settings area.

B3 & B2 (One click bet buttons to place a back bet).

Price at custom ticks offset which can be based on the best current back or lay price.

B1 (One click bet button).

Back price.

L1 (One click bet button).

Lay price.

L2 & L3 (One click bet buttons to place a lay bet).

Price at custom ticks offset which can be based on the best current back or lay price.


Traded volume - Can be split into pre-play / in-play or total.

Win Prices Group

(updated during the day at set time intervals - not live Betfair prices).


The current back price of the selection.


The current lay price of the selection.


Volume Traded.


The Weighted Average Price of the selection. WAP is an average price that takes into account the traded amount at each price, thus giving a true reflection of the actual historical average price.


Back / WAP Percentage movement. The difference between the back price and the WAP price. A negative BW% indicates a steamer and a positive is a drifter. Using the WAP price to be average (weighted) odds that has been matched by users - we take this as the ‘value’ of the selection. If the current back price is higher, then it’s currently steaming / steamed out.


When the race is finished, the BSP of the horse is shown.


Best Bookmaker Price. The highest bookmaker price of the bookmakers we list, hover over this to see a full list in alphabetical order.

Historical Odds Group (more info)

There are 9 sets of 'odds' and 'move' columns, all have a drop-down option so you can select the hour or minutes to post for the price it displays for each runner.


The back odds at the time selected.


The movement (mode selected in settings tab) between the adjacent odds.