Saving Settings

The settings are located in the settings tab, selected on the top right.

You must be logged in to Bet Mover to be able to save settings against your account.

Settings are set out in blocks of distinct operation on the app and are as follows:

Table Layouts

Editing and creating new table layouts is a very powerful feature of Bet Mover which allows it to be used in many different and distinct ways without being cluttered or confusing.

Bet Mover comes with default layouts that you can remove, add to or edit.

Changing current layouts

Select the layout you wish to amend from the dropdown. You can now edit, set as default or delete it.

  • Setting a layout as default sets it as the one that loads on loading a new race and when you load Bet Mover
  • Deleting a layout removes if from the list of options.
  • Editing allows you to change the data columns that display when its used.

Other options

  • 'Add New' lets you add new layouts - this creates a new layout that you can name and then go on to edit.
  • 'Reset' reverts the layouts back to the default layout set that ships with Bet Mover.

Adding and Editing a Layout

The layout you are editing or have created shows as a list of available data columns in their parent 'blocks'.

Changing current layouts

Select the blocks and columns you want to see for this layout and click save. You may now close the editor.

All your layouts show in the layout selector as show:

Odds Options

This option controls the way odds collected at set 'minutes' to post are displayed.



The movement figure shown between selected odds in the odds columns can be calculated as the following:

Percentage, eg:

5.0 - 10.0 = 10 - 5 / 10 = 0.5 = 50%

50 - 100 = 100 - 50 / 100 = 0.5 = 50%

Book Difference, eg:

5.0 to 10.0 = (100 / 5 - 100 / 10) = (20 - 10) = 10

50 to 100 = (100 / 50 - 100 / 100) = (2 - 1) = 1

Ticks Difference, eg:

5.0 - 10.0 = (5,5.1,...9.6,9.8,10) = 30 Ticks

50 - 100 = (50,55,....,95,100) = 10 Ticks

These examples show how odds movements of 5 to 10 and 50 to 100 results in different movement metrics.

Betfair Options

You must be connected to Betfair to see these options, they control the Betfair odds and bets streaming feature for instant updates.


Sizes Available

When checked the amounts available for the current bets back and lay prices are shown under the prices.



Only Bets Ordered Via Bet Mover

The open and closed bets that Bet Mover shows, the P&L and cash out calculation can be based on:

All bets you have on the exchange - or - just the bets you have ordered via Bet Mover, thus leaving other bets alone. To restrict Bet Mover to self ordered bet - check this option on.

Custom Cash Out Percentage

In the layout editor you can choose to show column 'CO2'. This column give you a custom cash out where only a percentage of your stake is cashed out. That percentage is chosen here.


Show Book % on Bets Prices

Shows the back and lay book percentages in the column header.

B2/L3 and L2/L3

The layout editor allows you to add a 2 extra back and lay columns for betting, populated with prices based on the best current back and lay prices on the exchange.

The prices shown in these columns are NOT the prices available at the second and third prices on Betfair.

Set the number of ticks away from the best back or lay price. These are the odds that will show in the extra columns and is the price that will be ordered if and when you use them to order bets.

The 'offset' value in the main back and lay controls on the cards tab do NOT affect the prices or betting in these extra prices columns. 

Post Speed

The speed that Bet Mover updates the odds from Betfair can be 'fast' - stream in from Betfair instantly, or moderate - the prices update every 5 seconds or so.

This is the speed of the odds updates while the race is NOT in play.

In-Play Speed

This is the speed of the odds updates while the race in IS in play. You may wish to set pre off speed to moderate to save PC resources but want to see prices update quickly in play.

Real-Time In-Play Options

'Bet Mover' + 'Total Performance Data' provides Real-Time In-Play runner positions and speeds. These options give you control over what and how you want to consume this data.

These are basic instructions for reference, more details about in-play can be found in the Real-Time In-Play guide section. 


Voice alerts can be selected in an range of 'characters'. These are quite distinct to any other beeps and bleeps you may have going on and will alert you to the race runner being nearly ready to set off and when the race has set off. This allows you to get on with other things without having to watch the runners parade and make their way to the start - although this can give good information about the runners.



The map view shows a birds eye view on a map of the course, the map tracks the runners keeping the leader centred and the map rotated so the runners always run left to right - this helps with screen space and are options on the map area.

Main Par Chart

The par chart shows a graph of the predicted race speed over the race distance. The runners speeds are plotted on this chart to give you a sense of the race speed at any point (fast, on par or slow). It provides an insight as to how the race will run and finish. This may have a bearing on how you view runners like fast finishers.

Main Par Chart Top 5%

Shows the fast line on the race par chart.

Main Par Chart Top (Mid Line)

Shows the on par line on the race par chart.

Main Par Chart Bottom 5%

Shows the slow line on the race par chart.


The silks show on the progress feed can be:

Cloth Colours - Traditional jockey cloths.

USA Style Colours - Solid colours with a contrasting number colour to make it easy to match the progress feed with the map.

Runner Par Rainbows (for Flat and Jumps)

Each runner has a rainbow graphic which is comparing the horses speed to the speed metric chosen. If the runner is on the red section then it's running relatively quickly, and blue relatively slowly. The rainbow can be ahead or behind the horse indicating very slow or fast.

These are useful to note if a horse has ran out too fast or running a slow race.

These are also useful to get an idea or the relative speeds of 2 or more runners when you're making a betting decision. 

The relative speed options you have are:


Don't show runner rainbows.

'Race Par':

Compares the runner speed to the predicted efficient speed for the race at that point in the race.

'Leader at same Distance' :

Compares the runner speed with the speed that the leader was running at at that point in the race. This can be useful for detecting the relative efficiency of jumping fences.

'Leader at same Time' :

Compares the runner speed with the speed of the current leader. Useful for detecting horses coming through, although 'Leader at same Distance' will still do this quite effectively.


The split times are show per runner in 1 column.

These can be furlong by furlong or every race split in 6 equal sections no matter the distance of the race. Furlongs can be shown as the last 5 ran, the last 10 ran, the last 15 ran or all furlong splits - please be aware this can take up a lot of screen space depending on the length of the race.

You can also choose if the splits are to be shown as average speed of the split in mph or the actual time taken to run the split.

In addition to the split times the order can be shown (where 1 is the fastest, 2 the second fastest), you can choose to see both splits and order, just split or just the order.