Market Movers

There are four ways to see streamers and drifters in Bet Mover.

Odds History:

Odds and percentage movements at 'minutes to post' times before the race.

Race Cards BW%:

Current price compared with the WAP price as a percentage. Big percentage - big movement.


Easy and fast way to see all the days steamers or drifters.


A dedicated page of price chart over any time period.

Odds History

Quick access to the default odds data via the layout selector:

Bet Mover collects odds at a range of 'minutes to post'.

You can alter or add new layouts with the layout editor, which has more odds columns for you to choose from:

Percentage movements are shown between each of the odds and are colour coded: red for drifters, green for steamers.


The WAP is the 'Weighted Average Price' and shows the average odds biased with the amount traded at that price. If the current odds are higher then, in general, the horse has drifted above that average price. The bigger the BW% the more it has moved.

These are colour coded: red for drifters, green for steamers.


Shortlists show market time and venue as well as the usual runner information for multiple runners & races in 1 list.

There are 2 shortlist options on Bet Mover - Steamers and Drifters:

BW% based steamers and drifters for the whole day are shown in these shortlists as well as the outcome for the winner (in dark green) and place winners in light green.




Click the 'CHARTS' tab on the top right:

This tab shows large charts for each runner.

The first chart is the market book, then both red lay and blue back lines got down into the green band then the market has become somewhat settled.

Click on this chart (right to left) and all runner charts will redraw.

Clicking left on the market chart will result in the runner charts showing a long time period of prices (up to 24 hours).

Clicking on the right will show most recent prices.