Recent Changes and Updates

These are the most recent changes and updates, please study these carefully to fully understand and take advantage of these new features. 

Demo Video's of Recent Updates:

  1. Betfair Connection
  2. General Updates

Continuous Improvement Plan - New Features Added: 

Velocity Chart: Shows the runners velocity as a graph behind the progress cell.

LB: Lengths back from the leader.

MPH: Shows the actual speed - the graphics are easier to read quickly. 

Splits: Shows timed splits and running orders (depending on your settings). 

LV - Live Value: An in-built Artificial Intelligence (AI) trained algorithm which calculate the chance of a horse winning the race.

VP – Velocity Par Difference: The difference between the runner speed and the course par speed (at that point of the race).Last matched price column can be selected for a layout in the layout editor.

OP – Off Par: An algorithmic calculation which results in a number highlighting how ‘off par’ the horse has run from the start of the race.

VF - Velocity Fluctuation: A measure of the consistency of the velocity line and refreshed every second. The higher the number the worse the horse is performing.

OP + VF - An average of the OP and VF metrics. The higher the number the worse the horse is performing.

FF - Fast Finisher indicator (from TPD GPS data): A form indicator showing horses known to be fast finishers.

For a more detailed description of all the above features please see the In Play Mode Section of the Bet Mover Toolbox.

In Development

  • Cadence.
  • Par Cadence.
  • 'Is the Horse Running to Form' graphical representation.