Recent Changes and Updates

These are recent changes and updates, please read these carefully to understand new features. 

Demo Video's of Recent Updates:

  1. Betfair Connection
  2. General Updates

FAST pre play Live BF prices now available

After monitoring the streaming system we are now happy to upgrade this service.

In the settings area you can now choose to stream in Betfair Prices super fast - please note you are advised to have a decent PC for this at it will be more resource intensive.

Matched and Open Bets 

Bet Mover can show bets ONLY ordered via Bet Mover. This can be set in the settings area. When selected it means you'll only see Bet Mover placed bets in the open and closed bets display AND the cash out and P&L will only be calculated against bets ordered via Bet Mover. 

2nd + 3rd prices for BF live prices

In the layout editor you can now select L2, L3, B2, B3 columns which are useful for betting purposes.

Please note - these are NOT the available prices in the 2nd and 3rd ladder slots on Betfair.

They are configurable prices relating to the best prices for back and lay, the defaults as you'd see on a healthy full ladder.

You can change the tick offsets in the BF Live section in the settings tab as well as the price these are based on.

Last Matched (BF Live)

Last matched price column can be selected for a layout in the layout editor.

FF - Fast Finisher indicator (from TPD GPS data)

A form indicator showing horses known to be fast finishers (FF) has been added to the horse name in the cards - these are for real time races only and will be useful when the real time in play trading markets become available.

Change Log


  • FAST pre play Live BF prices available for all - for free.
  • 2nd + 3rd prices for BF live prices.
  • Last Matched (BF Live).
  • FF - Fast Finisher indicator (from TPD GPS data)


  • Betfair account connection.
  • Live Odds table 'block' with streamed live odds, P&L & cash out.
  • Main betting options for back and lay.
  • Global race cash out.
  • 1 Click betting with 'odds switch'.
  • Open and closed bets view with options to kill, fill and update persistence, odds and stake.
  • Option to 'freeze' selection columns and header row.
  • Layout defaults to change to columns on display.
  • Layout editor to amend or add your own layouts.
  • Odds charts updates.


  • Mobile view for race list, more improvements to come..


  • Race filters to select by country and course
  • Country flags added to the races list
  • Charts Tab 'Market Book' chart - click the time to reset all other charts depth.
  • Settings area face lift
  • Recent charts on 'Grid' tab have more data for GB / IE races

In Development

  • Live in play positions from live GPS data from 'Total Performance Data'
  • History export page.
  • Mobile responsiveness in the app.